Brison Malton Micro Marble Fireplace

Brison  Malton Micro Marble Fireplaces

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Looking for a price or need advice?

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    • Malton Surround available in several shades of micro marble
    • Mantel Top 54 inch wide
    • Surround comes with a standard 1″ Rebate
    • Can be used with a gas or electric fire
    • Available with optional downlights
    • A micro marble fireplace is the ultimate piece of luxury to add warmth and relaxation into your home
    • Micro marble is a fabulous material, perfect for the modern homeowner looking for a deluxe fireplace look
    • Micro marble is made from natural marble stone that has been crushed to fine particles and mixed with resin to create a smooth and consistent material. The result is an even material that has advanced strength, durability and stain resistance
    • For those who love marble but want to achieve a more consistent colour or a more modern look, micro marble should be high up on your list of materials to consider
    • These fireplaces are made to order so can be modified to your specification any size can be altered and any size rebate can be done
      Fire (Sold separately)

      • Dimensions
        • A = 1372mm (54″)
        • B = 1117mm (44 ″) including hearth
        • C = 927mm (36.1/2″)
        • D = 840mm (33″)
        • E = N/A
        • H =222mm (8.3/4″)
        • Rebate =  25mm (1″)
        • Hearth=1372 x 381mm (54×15″)

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